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Who are we ?

Founded in December 2014 by 7 experimented complementary people, Idopic is a platform to create and manage collaborative emotional stories.

With its REST API you could build and integrate stories in your multi-canal Digital project (Web mobile, tablet, iWatch…). It’s open and flexible platform allow you to use your analytics, optimization tools (A/B Testing), Ads management tools… We allow people, companies, organizations to build and integrate emotional stories in their digital strategy.

Life is emotion, emotion is social, social is life !


Discover one of our applications:

Sweebi is an application that allows people to create and share stories

Available on the Apple Store, Apple TV, Google Play or as a Web application (see Sweebi description to get all links).

stories can be geo-located in order to retrieve them easily, even if they are private

stories can have different level of privacy: public (everyone can post and view), private (only guests can post and view), limited (every can see, only guests can post), etc.


We won’t let you fail! With our experts we will support you to build your project.


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