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Our applications

Idopic develops some nice applications around Internet technologies, for all kind on platforms (web, phone, TV) and media (images, sound, video). All our applications are described here (see below) and, for most of them, in their own home page.


  • View stories with your friends with fun display
  • Customize photos to make it fun
  • Chat with friends using photos


We are going to change the way you see stories…
Stories appeared in 2013, creating a new relationship between users and photo. Who didn’t ever want to see a photo from a story once again? Who didn’t ever make a screenshot of its phone? Who didn’t ever want to create a story with friends? That’s the reason why we decided to come back to the root of stories. Stories are at first tales, created by one or many people together, which telling can go through ages.

Use Sweebi to create stories with your friends !

You can find stories about whatever you want! Concerts, football games, shows, parties with friends, nice restaurants, holidays places …
Public or private Event, place nearby, or center of interest ?
Just pick a story that matches you, or create your own story!

 Web site

discover our web site, dedicated to Sweebi application.

 Web Application

directly browse public sweebi from our web application

Searching for a Digitally Imported client for your Apple TV? Or just want to listen Trance, Techno, EDM or other kinds of electronic music? Now you can! is a Digitally Imported client for the 4th generation of Apple TV. You can listen all your favorite DI channels and get the current track name.
This app was developed by passion of programming and electronic music by Cédric Eugeni (@CedricEugeni) and Antoine Cormery (@legomanfish).

Enjoy it!

2017/09/11 – has been suspended

For now,’s distribution via tvOS App Store is suspended.

Indeed, contacted us regarding copyrights issues and asked us to remove the app from the App Store.

We do not think we are infringing any of’s copyrights. We are just helping them to be more popular by offering an app to users who might be interested in on tvOS.

However, in sign of good will, we suspended’s distribution on the App Store and we are now trying to get in touch with to find a solution that will benefit to all and tvOS users! 🙂

If you are interested in on tvOS, let and us know by tweeting @CedricEugeni and @diradio !